Moped Theory in English for CBR Exam


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Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum For Dutch CBR Moped Theory exam
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Moped Theory Course – in English – in one day

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Prepare yourself to the fullest with our live online theory course! We will teach you everything you need to know for the exam at CBR!

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We do English Courses on a daily basis. All of our teachers are experienced and skilled.

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English Moped mockup practise exams

Ready to become one step closer to obtaining your moped driver’s license? Use our online platform now to study in an actively engaging way!



Online exams

Prepare yourself to the fullest for the CBR exam! Our uniquely designed mock exams will arm you for even the toughest questions expected at the CBR exam. Our mock exams will make sure any type of anxiety will be eliminated completely for when you take the actual exam at CBR.

Hazard perception

This element teaches you the correct timing for braking, accelerating or to retain your driving position. You will be immersed into real-life situations when you take the practice exam.


Gain insight into real-life priority situations on the road. Learn when and how to overtake and more.


It is important to test your knowledge about road signs, the rules of the road and how to operate a moped vehicle.

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To make sure you use our platform most efficiently, we  offer study advice as soon as you start practicing on our platform! Gain insight on topics you are still struggling with so you can focus more on areas you find difficult.  Direct explanations of the correct answers are provided whenever you answer a question incorrectly.

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