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Hazard perception

Learn to identify the right moments to hit the brakes, when to accelerate or when to maintain your driving position. Multiple real-life situations are presented here.


Learn how to interpret priority situations on the road, when and how to change lanes and more.


In this part, it is imporant to apply rules to practise. Furthermore you will learn how to make proper behavioral decisions while driving. It is crucial that you test your knowledge of road signs, how to operate a driving vehicle and the rules of the road.

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gousia Nabigousia Nabi
08:57 22 Feb 24
It was really amazing being a student of this centre. And the teachers are very good in having information and knowledge. But the teacher I would say goes to the depth of teaching is Annais. She is a great teacher. I love her teaching skills. She is the best. Annais , thank you so much working on me and making me to pass this exam.Others... like Shama , really helped in every possible manner in qualifying exams by showering her knowledge. Thank you Shama. Ashley also an amazing teacher. Patricia also have a good hold. Everyone gave their best.In short, it was a very nice and informative experience to be their student. I will highly recommend this more
Johanna GolecJohanna Golec
14:02 13 Feb 24
I signed up for theory lessons and the exam 4 weeks ago. Over the last 4 weeks I have attended the Zoom course every Sunday from 10.00-18.00 and did the exercises and mock exams on the platform. I have had lessons with 3 different instructors, all of them had very good tips and explain it very clearly and simple.Today I passed my theory... exam on my first attempt. The questions were worded a little differently to the ones I practiced, but I was very well prepared for them.Thank you very more
Adnan KakaAdnan Kaka
13:27 10 Feb 24
The exams and the exercises combined with the one day class is more than enough for the CBR theory exam. I am personally very satisfied from the services.
pooja sharmapooja sharma
16:02 05 Feb 24
I took their one day course and zoom online course. I passed in first attempt because of their way of teaching.Teachers are really good and they focus on so minor things.
Dovo VWDovo VW
11:57 31 Jan 24
Rashad FatairyRashad Fatairy
14:24 30 Jan 24
I used The National Theory Centre platform to study and took a one day course. It was great. I passed the theory exam from the first go. Customer support is also good and very responsive. I gave myself 2-3 months to practice and study daily on the platform, and with the course it went very well.
Samiksha GhimireSamiksha Ghimire
12:32 18 Jan 24
I took one day live intensive zoom theory (10 am to 6pm) course given by a Teacher whom I cannot recommend enough. The teacher was really good and we were given plenty of opportunities to ask questions. She was very patient in explaining the rules and what is expected. I also used their online mock exams (50 sets) to practice. I managed to... practice around 40 sets. At the end I passed with 3-0-0 mistakes. Before taking this intensive one day theory course, I tried few times on my own but with out success. On a hind sight I realise that I should have taken online theory course given by a teacher immediately after the first time I didn't make it. Finally, I am on the other more
Jaden TegaJaden Tega
16:21 16 Jan 24
Highly recommended! I enrolled for the one day crash course which gave me access to the platform with many exercises and mock exams and I must say it's the best decision I made. I passed my exams in one sitting.I would recommend you already practice some of the questions on the platform before the day of the crash course else you might feel... overloaded with more


Get access to 3250 practise questions, 60 mock exams, 9 tests and 10 extra insight tests.

Pass for sure!
Our Online Platform

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Become fully prepared for the real exam! Our mock exams ensure that any nervousness for the real exam will vanish completely!  Our mock exams match the level of CBR exams. Gave the wrong answer? No worries! You will receive a detailed explanation of the right answer at the end of the mock exam. 

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