Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need extra time at the CBR exam?

Our mock exams are adjusted to provide extra time for students that need it. Such as those with dyslexia or who are on the ADHD/autism spectrum.
Important note: for the hazard perception section you do not receive extra time at the CBR exam. For this reason, you also do not get extra time for this in our mock exams. This way, our exams closely resemble the real exam at the CBR.

If you need extra time (15 minutes) you might want to book a BTH-E-VE exam at the CBR. This exam costs a bit more than the regular exam at CBR.

Do you think your English is not good enough to make the exam in English?

It is possible to hire a translator at the CBR to take the exam in another language. We can help you book the exam with a translator as well! You can hire a translator for the CBR exam through HearHear. They offer the following languages:

  • Urdu
  • Farsi
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Turkish
  • Polish
  • Tigrinya
  • Arabic
What is this online license?

The online license gives you access to our online theory platform. This contains 500 practise questions. You can use this before the course. After the course, this license gives you access to 50 exams. If you pass these online exams, you are 100% ready for the CBR Theory Exam.

Dutch terms that you should know

There are certain Dutch terms that are not going to be translated in English. This is because legislatively, there are certain rules that are bound to these terms. Hence, these are not going to be translated in the English exams or by a translator.

The following terms:
– Apk
– Erf
– Snorfiets
– Autoweg(en)

On our platform and our courses we will alert you on this.
From our experience we know that certain people have automatic translation turned on in their browser. This could cause  confusion on these terms.

Do you need a sign language interpreter?

If a sign language interpreter is needed, you have to book an individual guided exam at the CBR. You need to arrange the sign language interpreter yourself provided that it is in the Register Tolken Gebarentaal en Schrijftolken (RTGS). 

You may be egligible for a compensation from the UWV for interpreter hours.

Translation of specific terms to English

There are certain terms where it is not possible to accurately translate them into English. These words are used in different contexts, therefore the CBR translated the words into this:

rijverbod” becomes “forbidden to drive” in English.
rijontzegging” becomes “driving license suspended.” 

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