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Rowena Arnon-Namatovu
Rowena Arnon-Namatovu
Great course if you are looking to ensure you pass the exam. I did the one day course and had access to the online material, this plus self-study at home made me feel confident. Very knowledgeable and personable teacher in Shama, would definitely recommend expats/english speakers to take this course.
Maia Kenney
Maia Kenney
Did not know what I was getting myself into with getting a license after 15 years of an American drivers license. One day class with Shama and 2 weeks of their practice exams and I passed on my first try. Thank you! 100% worth the money.
Varun Choudary
Varun Choudary
The "mock exams" really helped me to get prepared for the actual theory exam. Would definitely suggest the practice exams, doing all 50 mock exams is definitely recommended in order to get covered with all the questions and chapters. The interface of the website was more or less similar to the final exam too.
Calum Hastings
Calum Hastings
Mock exams are identical to the cbr, practice for a few weeks and you'll pass for sure!
tatiana van den broek
tatiana van den broek
Great course, was really helpful. Didn't study before, only did the course and it was enough for me to pass the test right away two days after the course.
Federica Lotito
Federica Lotito
Great school, I passed the first attempt Shama is a very good teacher 🌸 Thank you very much 🙏😊
Divya Sharma
Divya Sharma
The support from the National Theory Centre team is truly amazing. Special thanks to Alex and Daphne. The content in online sessions and1-day course helped me to clear my doubts and be 100% prepared. They cover all content which is important from CBR perspective. Usually, I get nervous in an exam environment but after going through their online exam-training and mock exams, I was very comfortable and was not at all surprised by questions in the main exam. Thank you so much for providing the best guidance.
Denise Ehlers
Denise Ehlers
Thank you Daphne and Shama for all the great tips - those tips really helped me in my exam. Glad I was able to do the live classes - extremely helpful and helps you pass forsure. Either way, Auto theory in the ND is not easy - study hard, do as much as you can and attend as many courses as you can.
Alice Girling
Alice Girling
Passed my theory test first time today with the help of a course from National Theory Centre! I took a day course yesterday and had the warm-up this morning. I was so nervous, but ended up getting 0 mistakes on knowledge and insight! I found the online practice questions and mock exams REALLY useful. The mock exams are very similar to what you get in the actual exam, so there wasn't much surprise in terms of the structure and interface. The answers are explained well too, and if you take notes you'll learn in no time. My instructor, Jeroen, was great and the speaker for the warm-up session was too. Customer service is also super responsive and polite on WhatsApp and keen to help if you need anything. I only gave 4 stars because I do think some things can be improved: - even in one of the books they give you, it says to never do a day course. I agree - the course would have been better split over 2 or maybe even 3 days. It was very intense, very fast-paced, and a lot of content was missed out. So don't simply rely on the day course! - they say there's space in the books to write your own notes but there's not. Bring a notebook! - the apps you get access to are only available in Dutch, which makes them difficult to use if you don't speak Dutch or if you're working towards the English exam. This annoyed me a little as I do like learning on-the-go and not being able to use something I've paid for is a bit frustrating. - the warm-up session is advertised as a live zoom session but it's literally just a recording scheduled to play at certain times. I felt a little hard-done-by with this too because there's no opportunity to ask questions or interact with the content. They might as well just send you the video rather than scheduling it and playing it off as a live session. There were even parts of it that the speaker requested to cut out but were left in which ended up wasting time and broke concentration. - the warm-up session lasted almost an hour longer than it should have done. Not the end of the world because it covered a lot of content, but still annoying when you've planned around it. All in all I'm glad I spent the money, but just be aware of the above!

Choose your way to study:

Online exams

  • 60 online exams
  • 9 tests
  • 3250 practising questions. 

Video course (car only)

An experienced theory teacher will explain everything you need to know in the full video theory course.

Live online theory course

The online Zoom course is the same course as this one-day course, but then online. You can join on your mobile or PC and ask questions to teachers.

Exam Training

Individual courses

Do you want personal attention? Take a VIP course and get a 1-on-1 course.

Pass for sure!
Our theory program:

The way we built our theory course is so you can have a quick and easy way to pass the exams on your first attempt!

This is how we make sure you pass the exam:

Begin nu auto theorie - Nationaal Theoriecentrum


We work with the best study materials available. Our team of traffic experts and theory teachers improves the study materials every week. This one-day theory course includes everything that CBR can ask on the exam, for sure!

Volg auto theorie cursus- Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Experienced in teaching in English

If English is not your native language, the theory could be hard to understand. Our teachers are experienced and familiar with students from all around the world.

Everything we do is in English, as well our study materials.

Toets jezelf auto examen - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

For sure!

Don’t just test yourself at CBR, test yourself at home with our 50 online exams. Did you pass these mock exams? Then you can be assured you are well-prepared to pass the CBR Exam. Did you make some mistakes? No problem! Just join an online live theory course via Zoom. This is included for free!

Begin nu auto theorie - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Get ready

You will receive a digital license immediately after you have registered for a course. With this license you have access to 3250 practice questions.

After each question, you will immediately be told whether you have answered the question correctly or incorrectly, with a clear and extensive explanation.

Volg auto theorie cursus- Nationaal Theoriecentrum


We know what the CBR can ask during the theory exam. Our experienced teachers share this knowledge with you.

At the beginning of the course you will receive the summary of the theory book, the guide CBR – Getting your driving license and QR-codes to the Mobile Apps.

Toets jezelf auto examen - Nationaal Theoriecentrum


After the course you will know everything! Go to the CBR as soon as possible, or keep repeating your knowledge with the 50 theory exams supplied within the license.

Frequently asked questions

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Do you book the theory exam?

No, always book the theory exam yourself via Then you know for sure that you have an exam at the earliest day. It is arranged in a few minutes.

Beware: there are websites that promise a (faster) theory exam. That is not possible. You pay too much, get a theory exam at a different time (much later) than promised or never hear from them again.

Don’t get scammed!
Always book yourself at

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

Can you tell me more about the course?

We start at 10AM. The course is divided into eight subjects. There are breaks between the topics. We will be ready around 5:30 PM. There is always coffee and tea available for free.

You will receive additional study material from the theory teacher when you enter the course:

– The summary of the theory book
– Links to mobile apps
– Guide: ‘Get your driver’s license’

Auto theorie cursus vinkje - Nationaal Theoriecentrum

What is this online license?

The online license gives you access to our online theory platform. This contains 500 practise questions. You can use this before the course. After the course, this license gives you access to 50 exams. If you pass these online exams, you are 100% ready for the CBR Theory Exam.

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