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Moped Theory Course – in English – in one day

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Prepare yourself to the fullest with our live online theory course! We will teach you everything you need to know for the exam at CBR!

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Moped Theory in English for CBR Exam

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It’s really important to study at your own pace. With our platform it is possible to do so. Together with our platform we can assure you that you will obtain your moped driver’s license as quickly as possible.

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Our online platform provides the best way to prepare yourself for the moped theory exam at CBR. Our mock exams are almost identical to what you can expect at the CBR. Our online exams display real-life situations with  questions you can expect. This way you can prepare yourself to the fullest. 
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Using our platform, you get to focus solely on the questions you can expect at the CBR. Immediately as you start using our platform we provide you with advice on how to study in the most efficient way possible. Every question answered incorrectly is provided by a detailed explanation of the right answer. Still don’t understand something? Do not hesitate to contact our theory teachers on WhatsApp!
Don’t have a clue on how to start preparing for the theory exam at CBR? Contact us! Our teachers provide real study advice!



Understand how priority situations work on the road and how to move your way through other traffic. 


Possessing knowledge of road signs is crucial on the road. Especially if you are going to be navigating through traffic not only with other moped vehicles, but with all type of vehicles. Understanding road signs is crucial for driving safely on a moped.


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